Alessandro D'Angeli | PHIL DECANTER
Is a traditional pour over coffee maker. A classical method for brewing coffee. To use it, insert the paper filter at the top. Put the coffee powder and then pour the water at ninety-three degrees. Coffee is ready in 5 minutes.
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A classic coffee-pot for filter coffee

A sinuous, single-piece, iconic body, perfect for holding the coffee followed by the water. Phil Decanter is the archetypal, primitive, yet highly advanced shape with its glass funnel forming a natural handle. The all-glass effect reinforces the concept and enhances the strength of the material chosen, borosilicate glass. Its sinuous, emotionally reassuring shape has a decidedly ecological footprint and wraps around the coffee essence like a soft pod. The Phil Decanter has a purely practical function: it is the most natural place to prepare your aromatic filter coffee.

To use it, insert a paper filter into the top. Pour in the medium ground coffee powder and pour over the water with a temperature of about 93°. Your coffee will be ready to drink in about 5 minutes.


25 giugno 2019


Product Design